The Lilacs

Peter Dunlop

Peter purchased The Lilacs when he moved to western New York in 1991 as part of a corporate relocation. During his career in the financial services industry, Peter had relocated many times previously, and had travelled to some 30 countries. Although his travels were primarily on business, he always found time to indulge his interest in historical architecture and landscaping. During considerable time spent in Britain, for example, he visited many of the palaces and grand country houses – furthering his interest in history. Having also lived in the Hudson River Valley for a number of years, he had furthered his interests there by visiting many of the grand historical properties in that area.

His relocation to western New York afforded an opportunity to realize a long-held goal of owning and restoring his own grand Victorian property. The Lilacs provided just such an opportunity. He has focused on researching the history of the property, as well as the restoration of the property, painstakingly re-creating a sense of extraordinary gardens in returning this historic property to its former glory.

He is in awe of living at The Lilacs, where the presence of history can be sensed within the walls of the house and on the grounds. He understands that ownership of a historical property is akin to a custodial responsibility - to preserve both the property and the provenance, a duty to put in more than you take out and, when the time comes, to pass the property into its next phase of existence with integrity, care and honor.